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Foot Parties


Hosted by Feet Goat

Next event:

New Date TBD

Rules, Regulations, and answers to questions you might have:
-- Must be 18 years or older to attend. When we host a party in a venue which sells alcohol or has other procedures in place to inspect or approve entry, including the requirement for photo identification, the rules of that location will be followed. All attendees will be asked to sign a document confirming they are of age and that they understand and agree to abide by our rules.
-- No sexual activities allowed at the event.
-- No photography allowed.
-- There is a custom $20 donation for every 10 minutes of foot interaction. However, some ladies might ask for a different rate or offer a special if you agree up front to a 20-30 minute extended session. It is your responsibility to discuss rates and particulars of your session prior to commencing any foot activities. You are always welcome to give a model a tip if you feel like you received exceptional service.
-- Never touch a model above the knees.
-- Must be registered online to attend. Cannot bring a friend, unless they register online.
- There will be a cost of admission for the event depending on the location or venue we choose to host the event at.
- We do not provide alcohol or food, but if we choose a venue that provides that, you can purchase directly from them (only if of valid age to drink alcohol).
- No guests or models are to leave the party venue for private sessions in other locations during the course of the party. If anyone does so, they will not be allowed back into the party. We invite a certain number of girls to ensure the best possible girl to guy ratio. If girls are taken away from the party, it hurts the party. It is also not safe practice for the ladies.

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